Neil Carmony (blue hair on left), Zachery Fonches (center) and Mark Funches (holdling nachos on right) enjoy a snack break during the SOR. Photo by Boy's Life photographer.

Scouts enjoy a snack break during the SOR. Photo by Boy’s Life photographer.

Vendor Request Form-2019

Scout-O-Rama will once again be a regional event with Scouts attending from four different councils. Public as well as community partners will attend. The event will be advertised to the community by radio, TV, and local publications. We anticipate a large turnout as always.

We are looking for suitable vendors who are familiar with operating in a public setting. The event will begin for the public on Saturday, April 27 at around 11:30 a.m. Set-up time will begin around 7:30 a.m. that morning. Prospective vendors are encouraged to contact the SOR committee for consideration.

We will limit the number of vendors so that your return should be reasonable. If you are self-contained and can provide fixtures (tables and chairs, for example, as a food vendor) that is an extra plus for you. Each vendor that participates will be required to place a $250.00 footprint fee for their station which will not be refundable. This will be your participation cost.

If you are interested we will need some information from you: type of food and/or beverage, product that you are selling, if product vendor, will you be providing fixtures, your type of station, self-contained or needing utility requirement, name of business, contact person, phone number, and email address. Electricity is very limited, it would be better if you are self-contained. If you do need power, talk to Mike Sewell so we can determine how we can accommodate you.

Selected vendors will be notified by March 15 and will need to pay their footprint fee upon notification. Payments will need to be made to the BSA Caddo Area Council, memo section identifying SOR2019.

Download Vendor Form Here 

Photo by Boy’s Life Photographer





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