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For 2017 we have planned the second 4 states scout show. A regional 4 states scout show will draw “Scout Craft” to a new level. Scout shows allow us to show case our program to the community. Scouting uses the outdoor class room to teach good citizenship.

Last year Glenn Adams, president of the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA), addressed our youth on the current relevance of scouting. It was a great day for our youth as they had an opportunity to learn firsthand how the principles of leadership learned in scouting direct one’s life. Glenn shared regarding his life, his family, and the value of scouting.

Today we adults here in Texarkana, if we are to teach leadership, we ourselves must lead; always reaching farther, sometimes going it on faith, and giving our best. You can’t lead from behind, you must step out front. It is easy to find excuses for lowering ones expectations; however, that is not the scouting way. Scouting is about pushing forward and building leaders!

The Caddo Area Council covers an area as far north as Mena, Arkansas, as far south as Linden, Texas, as far east as Prescott, Arkansas, and as far west as DeKalb, Texas. This year scouts from eight adjoining councils as well as the girl scouts will participate in making this truly a regional event. The public has been invited on April 22nd to attend and at 11:30 a.m. Mayors from Texarkana, Texas and Texarkana, Arkansas will honor this day with proclamations designating it as the second 4 States Regional Scout Show. We want to fill Spring Lake Park in Texarkana with Scouts.

So how can you help? Contributions can be sent by downloading this packet. It is imperative that your contributions reflect 4 States Scout-O-Rama in the memo section. If you prefer, SOR Chairman Charles Norton has volunteered to personally come by and pick up your donation. He can be reached at (903)-826-8081.

The Committee for the 2017 SOR!

flag2So You Want to Sponsor the 2017 Scout-O-Rama!

There are three levels of sponsorship for our event. They are: First Class Sponsor, Participant Sponsor, and Eagle Sponsor. Contributions may be monetary or gifts-in-kind. All those participating at these levels will receive representation from Caddo Area Council for their gifts supporting Scouting.

First Class Sponsorship ($250 or more)
Participant Sponsorship ($500 or more)
Eagle Sponsorship ($1,000 or more)

We that believe in scouting are called to rally to the flag many times. We are the same people, and we know that the purpose of the program is to inspire our youth to good citizenship. We know that it builds character, reinforces family values, and supports religious convictions.

Please join us as we build for the future of our community!

Download 2017 Sponsor Package Here

Charles Norton

Chairman, SOR 2016

Eagle Scout 1971 Caddo Area Council


Photos by Boy’s Life Photographer




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