SOR Flashback 2015: Citizen Perot

We salute “Citizen Perot” for his unending dedication
to his Nation, our scouts, and the people of this community.
His life’s contributions embody the definition of good citizenship.
2015 SOR Citizen Perot

Scouts were able to earn a large Ross Perot patch by learning things about his life, some of his quotes, like an online  scavenger hunt.


Ross Perot speaking to scouts at Spring Lake Park, Texarkana


“I was born in Texarkana on June 27, 1930.

The temperature that day was 120 degrees, and there was no air conditioning in the hospital – just a few fans.

My mother never forgot that day!

I started to work when I was 5 years old, selling door-to-door the Saturday Evening Post, garden seeds, and Christmas cards.

At the age of 7 during the summer, I started delivering the Texarkana Gazette on the Arkansas side of Texarkana.

At age 9 the Texarkana Gazette realized that I had a horse, and urged me to create paper routes in the poorest sides of Texarkana – New Town and Avondale.

New Town was the poorest black section, and Avondale the poorest white section. Both areas had only dirt roads, and no one could deliver on bicycles.

Fortunately, I had a horse. I would saddle my horse at 4am and deliver the newspapers in absolute safety, even though this was the poorest section of Texarkana.

Perot landed by helicopter

Perot landed by helicopter

I was paid 100% each Saturday for delivery.

Most of my customers were working on Saturday, but would leave their weekly payment of 25 cents, hidden under a door mat, or in their mailbox.

I joined the Boy Scouts as a Cub at 9, and earned all of the ranks: Bob Cat, Wolf, Bear, and Lion.

At age 12, I was fortunate enough to become a member of Troop 18 – the finest Boy Scout troop in Texarkana, developed by the Morriss family – owners of Offenhauser Insurance.

I realized that I could earn the right to become an Eagle Scout in 18 months, so I worked tirelessly to earn all of the ranks and merit badges required.

I completed all of the requirements in 10 months in May, but there were no Courts of Honor during the summer, so I had to wait until October, to receive my Eagle Scout award.

I still have my Eagle Scout badge today and my Merit Scout Badges, and I also earned my bronze, gold, and silver Palms that are attached to my Eagle Scout badge.

It has been an honor and privilege to be associated with Scouting throughout my life.

Scouting has had a powerful, positive impact on our country.

Scouts Lined Up by Troops

Think what a great country this would be if everybody lived the Boy Scout motto – Be prepared.

Think what a great country we would have if everyone lived the Boy Scout oath – promising to do their best, to do their duty to God and country, to help other people at all times, and to keep themselves physically strong, mentally alert, and morally straight.


Think what a great country this would be if everyone lived the 12 points of the Scout law. We would be:

1. Trustworthy
2. Loyal
3. Helpful
4. Friendly
5. Courteous
6. Kind
7. Obedient
8. Cheerful
9. Thrifty
10. Brave
11. Clean
12. Reverent

Our future will be determined by the quality of our leaders.
Leadership training starts with youth organizations like Scouting.

Scouting prepares you to become a successful leader.

Is Scouting still relevant? – YES!

In a selfish, greedy world where looking after No. 1 seems to be the driving force, should we teach our sons the Boy Scout Slogan? – Do a good turn daily – YES!

Is telling the truth, concern for others, sharing, patriotism, and love of country still relevant? – ABSOLUTELY!
Do you need to learn life saving, first aid and other survival skills in today’s world? Of course you do – MORE THAN EVER!

Is the structured system of advancement from Tenderfoot to Eagle, with its obstacles, difficulties, and challenges still good for boys? YES!

Does setting goals and achieving them prepare you for adulthood? YES!

We are born selfish.

John Arnold, Ross Perot, Richard Sexton


We must be taught —
– To care
– To share
– And to have concern for others
if we are going to live together in harmony.

Scouting teaches these values.

I have found that people who practice the values taught by Scouting have a significant advantage in the business world.

They are honest, ethical, prepared, goal oriented, willing to persevere, considerate, concerned for others, govern their lives by what is right or wrong — not what is legal or illegal, and – other people trust them.

Because they are trusted, they can be effective leaders.

Ross Perot Cutting Cake

Everything I have just said is fundamental to leadership.

All effective leadership is based on mutual trust and respect.

From a businessman’s perspective, Scouting trains future leaders.

Scouting places the steel, pours the concrete, and creates a strong foundation for molding tomorrow’s leaders’ character and integrity.

Looked at another way —
– What new organization could replace scouting?
– What would it cost? – A fortune
– How long would it take? – Several decades

Scouting principles will produce builders, not just caretakers.

Men who are honest, bold, tough and self-reliant.

I was fortunate to be an Eagle Scout.

My parents, church, and scouting worked tirelessly to teach me moral and ethical values.

Scouting taught me to set goals and objectives, and gave me my first leadership training and experience.

The rules and timetable for becoming an Eagle Scout were clearly spelled out in the Scout Handbook.

That became my goal.

I have been setting and achieving aggressive goals ever since.

I still keep my old Scout handbook in my office to remind me of the principles of Scouting.


Congratulations to you!

I admire and respect you!


Ross Perot

This is a copy of the notes for the speech Ross Perot gave to scouts at Spring Lake Park April 11. He added a few more things to his actual speech not in these notes.


“We’re all what we were taught to be. You sit there in that little house in Texarkana and see your mother doing things like (feeding the hungry) when you’re a child, that’s the greatest lesson in the world.”
H. Ross Perot


“Something in human nature causes us to start slacking off at our moment of greatest accomplishment. As you become successful, you will need a great deal of self-discipline not to lose your sense of balance, humility, and commitment.”
H. Ross Perot


“Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touchdown.”
H. Ross Perot


“As a boy growing up in Texarkana, Texas, during the Depression, I had many summer jobs, including breaking horses at $1.50 per horse, selling the Saturday Evening Post, selling Christmas cards, selling garden seeds, cutting grass with a manual lawnmower for $1 for a normal-sized yard, roofing barns, digging fence holes and stringing barbed-wire fences.” H. Ross Perot


“The day I made Eagle Scout was more important to me than the day I discovered I was a billionaire. ”
“Eagles don’t flock, you have to find them one at a time.”
H. Ross Perot





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