SOR Annual Pinewood Derby

Did you know the Pinewood Derby has been running for 65 years?

Don’t miss the 4 States Scout-O-Rama Annual Pinewood Derby!

To participate in this year’s SOR Pinewood Derby bring your car to the event and register at the track between 9 and 11, before the opening ceremony. Must be a registered Cub Scout or Girl Scout. Can register at the event.  Sign up as early as possible, we are limited to 64 entries. Please see the rules below for more details.

The cost to participate is $10 a car. All contestants receive a participation ribbon and the 65th Pinewood Derby Patch.  1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies will be awarded.

The race starts at about 12:30 so get over to the track, cheer for your favorites, and have some fun.

Pinewood Derby Race Rules

Check-in: 9:00 – 11:00 am, Saturday, April 28.
Races begin after opening ceremonies, approximately 12:30.

1. Car must weigh 5 ounces or less.
2. Do not alter the height or width of wheels from original condition. Wheels, nails, and block of wood supplied with kit must be used. No substitutions allowed.
3. Car must race in forward position. To prevent car from racing in the backwards position please place an arrow on the underside of the car pointing in the direction the car will race.
4. All weights and decorations must be firmly attached to the sides or top of car. No weights or decorations can be placed on the underside of the car. Time does not allow for repairs during the race.
5. Graphite can be used on wheels and axles only before the race starts. Use of liquid lubricant is not allowed. Liquid lubricant makes the track slippery, causing cars to slide off.
6. Do not alter width of block of wood at the axle area or the car will not fit on track.
7. The Committee to Assure Fairness to All Scouts will settle any disputes or variations that arise. Decisions of the Committee will be final.
8. To prevent damage to your or another’s car, Scouts or Scout parents are not allowed in the pit area.
9. Damaged cars may still race, but they must cross the finish line to prevent disqualification.
10. Check- and weigh-in begin at 9:00 a.m. the day of the race.
11. No cars will be weighed or checked in after the first elimination races.
12. There are 64 slots allotted for the race. The first 63 cars registered will be in the race. After that, all other cars will be placed in a single elimination bracket for a face-off race for the 64th slot.
13. Pinewood Derby Regional Race-Off is a double elimination race. Winners will be determined from a double bracket racing chart. After one loss, the Scout will move to the losers’ bracket. After two losses, the Scout will be eliminated from the race. A Scout from the losers’ bracket can still go on to win the race.

There is a race fee of $10.00 per car to enter the race to cover cost of awards.

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