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Color guard members of Troop 86 posted the colors. Photo by Boy's Life Photographer

Color guard members of Troop 86 posted the colors. Photo by Boy’s Life Photographer

Don’t forget the SOR Kickoff Banquet Feb. 18th . It is a great place to get your questions answered.

Does the troop/pack have to purchase the patches to hand out to the scouts that visit our booth at SOR? If so, how much are they?

Do we have to purchase the large patch in the middle or will they be given to the scouts that attend SOR. If we have to purchase them, how much are they?

Please refer to the program guide on this website.  You will find that there are special incentive programs where a scout can earn his own patches by selling chili tickets. 

Also there is special package pricing that has been established for all the scouts of Caddo Area Council attending the event.  Simply make the package order with the unit order form.  Cost is then $25.00 for participation and scout receives all memorabilia with the exception of the pig patch which is for those that participate in the cooking competition. 

We will have a Kick Off for the 2016 S.O.R at Camp Preston Hunt February the 18th at 6:30pm in the dinning hall.  It is a come as you are, bring a covered dish, box of chicken, type activity.  We will discuss the show, talk about incentives and make some presentations for those from last year.

 Are we required to have an exhibit? If so, is the camping and exhibit area the same place?

Troops are not required to have a exhibit: however simple exhibits are not hard to achieve.  As a minimum do something to meet each category in the judging form. Yes troops’ exhibit areas are set up next to their camping area.

The Leader’s Guide says check-in Friday is 3:00 to 5:00. What about late arriving Troops? 

Late arriving troops are fine, on your registration form give us an approximate time so we could be ready for them. 

Boy Scouts from Troop 16 prepare the ingredients for Hobo Stew for their Dutch oven demonstration. Left to right: Spencer Lawing (green hat, left), Gavin Mitchell (fuzzy hair, center). Photo from Boy's Life Photographer

Boy Scouts from Troop 16 prepare the ingredients for Hobo Stew for their Dutch oven demonstration.  Photo from Boy’s Life Photographer

Will Troop trailers be allowed to stay in campsites?

Most trailers will be moved to a location outside of the tent city unless they are a part of the exhibit.

Are Troops expected to cook all meals?

Personally I would plan my meals to maximize my youths’ experience. Troops are not expected to cook all meals. Plan easy clean up one pot meals or sandwiches. There should be some campfire time for cooking if one is a early riser. There will be food vendors on site during the day so scouts may want to bring some money for snacks. Don’t forget the Chili Cookoff – $5 ticket for some great chili.

We will continue to post additional questions as they come up.

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