Parking and other Tips

Please check the map for parking, clicking on the map images below will bring up the entire map.

Gates will be locked between 11 PM and 5:30 AM.  This is for security reasons and can be unlocked if there is an emergency.  Go thru gates 1 and 4.

Staff: Go thru Gate 1 (come in off I-30 frontage road) and park in near baseball field.  Additional Staff Parking near the Airplane.  If you are helping Saturday, please arrive before 9 AM if possible as the gates will shut and barricades up around that time.

Troop and other Vehicles: Drive directly to your camping or demonstration site. Please move your vehicles immediately after unloading and park in the Troop parking area.  Chili cookers have their own parking area.

Public: Please park in the public parking areas, there are several in the southwest corner of the park, and one in the northwest corner for those coming in thru I-30 frontage road. Scout-O-Rama is open to the public from 10:30 -4 on Saturday. Lots to see and do, click here to learn more about Saturday’s activities.


Headquarters Tent: Where troops and volunteers check in.  It is also a great place to get questions answered.

Troop Check In: Go to Headquarters Tent as you arrive to camp. If you have a skit, please report it at check in.

Useful links:

Leaders Guide

Schedule  Please note any changes to previous schedules.  Saturday night will have fireworks!


Let’s have a scout show!

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