Old and New Time Capsules

Texarkana Time CapsuleAt the Texarkana Scout-O-Rama 1991, a time capsule was buried.  The theme was “Scouting for the Environment”.  Now is the time to open the time capsule which scouts buried 25 years ago.  We will open the time capsule Saturday afternoon, around 3:30 pm.

We will bury a new time capsule during the show (Sunday), to be opened in 2066.  This capsule will be available at the Scout-O-Rama Headquarters for units to submit photos, written articles, and personal treasures (neckerchief, unit t-shirt, etc).  Each unit is encouraged to bring at least one item.  Articles must be approved by a Scout-O-Rama official before being place in the capsule (most items will be accepted).  The time capsule will document who was here 50 years from now!

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