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Texas Connection Singers

Native American Dancer

The Texas Connection out of Houston Texas will be coming to host a Native American events activity. They are well known throughout the United States in regards to dance competitions and craft! They are bringing six drummers.

Texas Connection Singers is a Southern Indian Singing group. They sing at Pow Wows throughout Texas and Oklahoma, and also make available their expertise in training and crafts to Lodges and Councils across the country.

They have travelled to Order of the Arrow Conclaves in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, Texas, and New York. Services are offered at minimal cost to their hosts for housing, meals, and a stipend to help defray expenses.

Edge Beading

Edge Beading

The group provides music as well as instruction in various Indian crafts and lore as follows:

  • Southern Singing
  • Dance Styles
  • Drum Stick Making
  • Finger Weaving
  • Beadwork (Lazy Stitch, Gourd Stitch, Edge Beading, Loom Beading)
  • Moccasin Making
  • Medicine Bags
  • Rosettes
  • Pow Wow Etiquette
  • Drum Etiquette

LadiesDrum Chief, Eloy Solis, organized Texas Connection Singers primarily to support, promote and provide service to Sections’ and Lodges’ American Indian Activities programs.

Gourd Stich Beading

Gourd Stich Beading

The group has been called upon to perform nationally at Indian Summer and National Order of the Arrow Conferences.  They are also the host Southern Drum at Native American sponsored Pow Wows several times each year.

All members of the group have ties to Scouting. Many of them have been recognized by youth as Vigil Honor Members in the Order of the Arrow.  Most of the men and youth are Eagle Scouts and several of the adults are Silver Beaver Award recipients.

Come sharpen your dancing skills or learn for the first time about Native American craft. It will be a colorful activity and the air will be filled with the sound of drum and singing. This will happen between the hours of 12:00pm and 4:00pm that Saturday. It is free to all dancers and there will be something for all ages to enjoy.

Scouts competing in the upcoming Sectional O.A. Conclave you will be dancing to the same drum; come sharpen your skills!





2nd through 6th Photos courtesy of Linda Graham

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  1. Good morning,
    I am looking for Eagle Scouts etc. as yourselves to participate in a Fall Festival that in on October 7th 2017 a one day event. Would you be interested?
    We are just getting the Cherokee Clan of South Atlanta started. Wants are to bring the Native American teaching to our small community of Fairburn Ga
    Kindly ,
    Chief Sandra Chert Hill

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