Amateur Radio Operators Broadcasting Scout-O-Rama To The World

4 States Amateur Radio Club - 2016 Field Day 1

4 States Amateur Radio Club – 2016 Field Day 1

The Four States Amateur Radio Club will be setting up their antennas and broadcasting all over the United States and maybe even the the planet. They are inviting Scouts to please stop by their tent and learn a little about Ham Radio Operation, maybe even talk to someone far, far away.

For those that would like to speak to them during the show, here are the frequencies:

Clarence Shilling WB5BYV – SSB- 3.987.5 (75meters)
Richard Arthur N5RGA – SSB- 14.270 – 14.290 (20meters)
David Jackson KE5ZHF – SSB- 7.270 – 7.290 (40meters)
Charles Mackey Kf5VAA- CW – 7.030 (40meters)
Arthur Christy KF5VWN – PSK – 14.070 (20meters)
Charles Conkey KG5MVX- – Freedom Link (2meters)

Arthur says he has added the Freedom Link system.  This is a 2 meter link.  This local system will reach (from here) to Nashville to Sulphur Springs.  The link below has all frequencies that distant radio operators will use.

The Four States Amateur Radio Club has a Facebook Group if you would like to learn more.

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