SOR Flashback 1991: Time Capsule Display

Next time you stop by the Caddo Area Council office, next to Spring Lake Park, check out the 1991 Time Capsule display.  The plaque reads:



This time capsule buried April 20, 1991 commemorates the scouts

Of the Caddo Area Council’s commitment to preserving the

environment. Enclosed are statements as to their commitment.

This capsule is to be opened Feb. 8, 2011 to commemorate the

100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America

Time Capsule Display at Caddo Area Council

Newspaper clipping “Scouting for the Environment” (click image to make it easier to read)

Pack 63’s (from Ashdown) Commitment to the Environment

Pack 22 Photo, Newspaper Clipping, and SOR Tickets

1991 SOR Mug and Patch

1991 Time Capsule

25 years later the time capsule was opened. It was packed full of interesting stuff, patches, neckerchiefs, VHS tapes, baking soda.  Many of those scouts who contributed to the 1991 time capsule are now leaders in their community, experts in their field, parents of their own scouts.  Most items were preserved in zip lock bags but not all. Thus some cleaning up.

Thanks to Matthew Allensworth for taking care of the time capsule and setting up the display.  Thanks to all the scouts and their commitment to the environment.

Photos by Matthew Allensworth



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